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Waits Family

Alex, Laura, Aidan (17), Arlee (13), Adam (11), Aaron (10) and Cumi Joy (5)

The Waits Family moved to Honduras in 2010 as full-time missionaries.    They are the founders of the Reach Out Honduras organization.   At this time, they do not take a salary from ROH.  Instead, they rely on donations specifically contributed for their family to meet their monthly budget needs.  In 7+ years of living by faith, God has always provided through churches or individual supporters.

Alex and Laura are from the north Texas area.   They have 5 children in their home and lots of "children, nieces and nephews" in La Mosquitia.

The yearly budget for the Waits famliy is around $55,000 which includes living expenses for their family and additional daily eaters, Honduras residency costs, homeschool material, travel costs to the US, health and life insurance, etc.     Currently, around $1,700 is pledged monthly for the support of the Waits family.

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