Vida Nueva

A few of our Vida Nueva mamas with their babies...  photo credit:  Rachael Wise


In February of 2016, Reach Out Honduras started a pilot class of 20 young women who were either pregnant or had children.   The goal of the New Life (Vida Nueva) group was to provide an opportunity for an accelerated education for those left out of the traditional schooling programs.   These young women started 7, 8 and 9th grades, depending upon their educational experiences.    They had a fantastic year.  We all learned a great deal together about the distinctions of being a young mom and trying to study at the same time.

For 2017, Vida Nueva will expand to offer a one-year accelerated high school diploma.   Our 5 9th grade graduates will enter into this one year program and in January of 2018 will finish their complete high school education.

Our mission for 2017 is 75 students in grades 7-10.   A lofty goal, and an obtainable one with your help!

$200 per year will allow one student to study for 10 hours per week in an accelerated program.  She will also be able to eat one meal per day with us at the IVA school.    


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